RSCON5 is almost here!

by Chiew

I stumbled upon this quote from Lowell Milken and I thought it rather apt.

“The only people who develop human potential and character as a calling are educators. This puts the men and women who become teachers and principals in a position of unique power for helping to secure the future.”


The thing is it’s not enough to qualify as educators, get work as one, and that’s that. It used to be that the teaching profession was rather closed, and often quite lonely. That has all changed. The Internet is to be blamed. Now, we can connect to educators from all over the word in a micro second. Now, we can share problems, ideas, a cup of virtual tea. Now, we can seek to inspire each other.

With high-speed connection more the norm than the exception, webinars are no longer confined to the privileged. This has somewhat of a “negative” effect. We are now spoilt for choice. Every day, there are a handful of webinars for you to attend; some need registration, some are given by prestigious organizations, most are free.

But, RSCON is special. It’s organised by a bunch of dedicated volunteers, it’s free, it’s international, and most important of all, the sessions aren’t usually a series of lectures but rather interactive events, where rooms are as cosy as your living room and presenters are your hosts, and the chat box is a constant buzz of endless ideas.

This year, RSCON is preceded by two mini events, one of which was held in April, and the next one is on 4th May.

I haven’t found a way of embedding the countdown timer on WordPress, but click on the image to find out when it is exactly where you are, and if you’re still unsure, just click on “Countdown to event” on the right hand side of the page.

Day/Time of MiniCon


The full programme details can be seen on this link.

Don’t regret missing this!