by celtaconfessions

Some of you may have wondered – hey, what happened to this guy? Has he given up already?

And I wouldn’t blame you.

Yes, I’m here, and I’ve started the course. Today is Sunday, the final day of the weekend. The week felt like a month. I’ve scraped through the 2 TPs I did, and I’ll have the 3rd one on Monday before changing students on Tuesday. I have to hand in the first written assignment by then, too.

I’ve felt overwhelmed at times, especially on Thursday and Friday. To be honest, I don’t have time to write, so, rather than write some awful depressing stuff, I’ll try to write it all after I’ve finished the course. I hope I’ll remember enough! I wanted to keep a diary, and I don’t even have time for that!

So, I’d better get back to doing stuff. Stay tuned!