Assessment Review Part 2

by celtaconfessions

In Part One, I tried to look at what is expected of the candidate and mentioned that “Assessment basically comprises of two parts: the practical, which is, in effect, planning and teaching; and the written, which consists of four assignments.”

In this post, I’ll try to delve further into the moderators’ assessment criteria for the practical component: planning & teaching. Again, I’ll chart them using mind maps.

It might be worth noting at this point that there are 3 grades of passes: pass, grade B and grade A, the latter being the highest.

Planning & teaching

Topic One: Learning & Teaching

CELTA Topic 1 assessment criteria

Topic Two: Language analysis & awareness

CELTA Topic 2 assessment criteria

Topic Three: Skills

CELTA Topic 3 assessment criteria

Topic Four: Planning & Resources

This and the next topic look like the “heaviest” sections of the course as they effectively represent what the course is about: to help  candidates develop their skills on how to plan and teach. Accordingly, candidates are assessed on their ability to prepare and plan their lessons in order to enable them to teach effectively.

CELTA Topic 4 assessment criteria

Topic Five: Developing Skills & Professionalism

CELTA Topic 5 assessment criteria

So, what do you think? Looks like a lot to be learnt in four weeks? Hardly surprising when everyone stresses how intensive the course is!