by celtaconfessions

Day: some time in September

Having booked the flights and the apartment, I more or less disconnected myself from the thought of CELTA and Seville, and tried to spend the remaining days of August in fairly relaxed style.

Come September, the cogs started moving and I began to find out more about Seville – things to do, places to eat in, transport, etc. Thanks to the Net, there isn’t any shortage of information. There is no longer any need to depend on Lonely Planet. I’ve looked at the map of Seville so many times I ought to know it by heart, but my memory being what it is, that would be an impossibility.

So, I surf. I read. I read about the Cathedral and the Giralda, the Gardens of Alcázares, the old town and the narrow cobbled alleys; I hear about the substantial tapas, the religion and the heavy-handed gypsies; I see images of monuments, the river and its bridges, Sevillanos and cars with broken windows. And I wonder about the photos I would shoot.

If the course is what they have been threatening it would be, I will have few chances to get to know Seville well. I’ll need to be more organised than I usually am and will have to settle in as quickly as possible. I’m hoping I’ll have some evenings and weekends when I can at least have an after-dinner stroll! Or I’ll have to be like a lot of heads of nations who survive on 4-5 hours of sleep a night!

Not something I look forward to.