and the winner is…!

by celtaconfessions

Day: 14th August 2012

and the winner is...!

Yes, yes, yes! I was thinking I’d have to wait until the end of August, but they were quick! The email said, “Thank you very much for your application for our CELTA course and the IHTT 50 year grant. We are delighted to tell you that you have been selected for the award. Many congratulations!!”

Wow! My first reaction was “I did it!” Then, almost immediately came the nerves, the pounding of the heart, the doubt, the fear… Can I afford it in the first place? Even though the course is paid for, there’s the expenses for a whole month to think of and, of course, add to that the loss of income since I’d been told the course won’t give me much spare time.

I told my family immediately. They were even more surprised than me, but happy. I don’t often have good news to tell them!

The mind goes on super overdrive…