Accommodation confirmed

by celtaconfessions

Day: 22nd Aug 2012

One month is an awkward time for renting an apartment – it isn’t long enough to be considered for long-term rental rates but, at the same time, it’s too long to be paying hotel rates. So, in one word, it’s expensive.

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I considered sharing, but, honestly, I’m too deeply-rooted in my idiosyncrasies to take a risk. I fear that if I’m not comfortable in my temporary abode, I may have trouble accommodating myself to the CELTA course. I thought about it constantly for the past week and crawled the Net, looking for something decent and suitable. What I found out was that accommodation in Seville isn’t exactly cheap. October is high season. The more economical ones were all booked.

I think of it as an investment, an investment for my future. I think of what I saved from the course fees – this gets channelled to the rental costs. I had to decide before the situation gets worse, especially considering October is the beginning of high season, so I booked it. A self-contained apartment, large enough for my family should they decide to come over for the weekend, and, according to Google map, a mere 5-minute walk from IH Seville! Perfect location, great-looking apartment (if the photos are to be believed) but not so perfect price.

I also decided, considering how hard the course is supposed to be, according to every opinion I’ve heard, to arrive on 28th September and not to leave until 31st October. This way, I’ll be able to soak in Seville and, maybe, Granada, too.