by celtaconfessions

Day: 6th August 2012


Email said I was among the finalists! (Later I was told that I was on a short list of four aspirants)

Yes, I read correctly. No spam. No hacking. Official. Wow! I felt like I’d already won!

CELTA diaries: finalist on IH 50th anniversary competition

“Photo taken from http://flickr.com/eltpics by @JosetteLB, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial licence”

More tasks to be done though!

There was a handwritten task to complete and an interview of approximately 30 minutes, scheduled for 9th August. The handwritten task comprises of three mini-essays (of 50-100 words each):

  • Tell us about a successful learning experience you have had.
  • Describe the factors that you feel are important for successful language learning.
  • Why do you feel you would be suitable to teaching?

This time, I didn’t procrastinate; I started planning on the mini essays right away. I had to get them in before the interview in 2 days’ time.